Best Defensive Layouts for All HQ’s – Make your Best Defense

As like the supercell’s previous games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach their newest game release Rush Wars also has made having Best Defense in the game as an important X factor for faster growth in this game.

Yes, the main success of your career growth in the game depends on how strong your defence is and it mainly applies out for a game like Rush Wars the maximum percentage.

Why we are giving this much importance to the Defense in the rush wars game is because it will give you stars like the way you’ll be gaining out stars from the attack and also after making 100 defence stars you’ll be rewarded out with a defence Box too.

So before making out the best defensive troops for your base, you should know about some important factors or like tips which will help you in making out the best defensive troops that you want.

Best Defensive Layout For HQ2

So for this layout, I’ll definitely suggest you have two important factors in your mind.

One is making your troops with different combinations and the next factor is knowing the place where you are placing your defence based on your map.

So select your defence based on the troop capacity that you are having like based on the no of troops that your defence can hold on really.

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And our suggestion for Defensive Layout For HQ 2 is having

  • 1 Canon.
  • 1 Mortar.
  • 2 Bazooka or 1 Bazooka with 1 Pitcher.

Best Defensive Layout For HQ3

There is one important thing to be remembered out while selecting the best defensive unit for you and that is how stars you want from the defence. if you kind of want all the three stars from your defence it is like a do or die maybe you’ll get three or your opponent gets the three stars which means you need to keep out all your defence troops upfront itself.

So our troop’s suggestion fro this Layout for HQ3 is

  • 1 Mortar.
  • 1 Canon.
  • 1 Laser.
  • 2 pitchers or 2 bazooka.

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List 2

  • 1 Mortar.
  • 1 Canon.
  • 2 Pitchers.
  • 2 Bazookas.


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