Check out these fantastic new Overwatch birthday skins available tomorrow

Overwatch takes a new step and the celebration begins tomorrow. The beloved hero shooter’s birthday event will be in full swing in less than 24 hours to commemorate his fourth birthday, and you know what it means: new skins! Blizzard has teased some over the past few days, showing new ones for a variety of heroes, from Reaper to Zenyatta.

The event runs from May 19 to June 9. To get your anticipation, here’s a look at all the skins that Blizzard has revealed so far, including Hammond as submarine captain and Ashe as Little Red Riding Hood with Bob as Big Bad Wolf:

Overwatch was first launched in 2016 on May 24 and received a perfect 10 from our own Dan Tack. Overwatch 2, which currently has no release date, was announced during this latest Blizzcon, so we hope to hear more soon.

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