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Supercell’s Next Biggest game has finally arrived and it has come in the name of Rush Wars, and this is the Supercell’s 6th ever game release after the success of Brawl Stars.

They always wanted to give their fans a unique game which they haven’t experienced or played it before and that’s why they have created a game called Rush Wars.

But lots of questions were in the minds of people who wanted to play Rush Wars early, first of all the access to play beta earlier. On August 26th Supercell has announced the beta for Android and iOS users who were residing at Australia, New Zealand, Canada. The same thing happened for Brawl Stars too, since beta being released in only a few countries.

That’s why Supercell fans are getting feared because it takes nearly 16 months for the Brawl Stars to get released from the beta stage, and they are fearing the same thing might happen to the Rush Wars.

We assure you guys this won’t be happening out for Rush Hours, because a sooner release is expected for this game and we can so be assured that Supercell won’t do this again.

Yes, that’s will be a big relief for so many millions of Supercell Fans if this thing really becomes true.

And another thing about this game is that this game Rush war has a slight touch of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans and some players were feeling that game is not much up to the expectations.

We want to say only one thing to those people, that this game is still in its beta stage and it will take some time for the makers to bring the best of Rush Wars. So give your opinion about the game and they will take your review into notice and implement it in future.

Features of Rush Wars

  • So this game Rush Wars is an MMORPG where people of all ages would love to play the game.
  • And to the most surprise, this game is having a mix of both of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, like attacking strategy from clash royale and other strategies from Boom Beach.
  • Till now most of them who have played loved the game and since the game is in beta stage, for now, you can expect more best version of the game from the game makers.
  • Like you have seen in clash royale, this game also contains cards of Common, Rare, Epic Cards and unlock all those cards in the game as you progress.
  • Next is the war feature which is available in the game is the next added highlight of this game, as like other supercell games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale this game also has a clan and war features through which you can join with your friends and do massive attacks for massive gold loots.
  • And some other features like open loot boxes which is available in every kind of supercell games but for us, we thought it might be more interesting.
  • The way you build the defence to prevent your opponents from stealing your base may be a simple thing but this thing really works as the way they have thought off.

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Download Rush Wars iOS Latest version

  • So first download the above given IPA file of the game on your device, then proceed to the next step.
  • Now install the downloaded game file on your device.
  • During the installation, if it asks for any permissions don’t hesitate to give it, because iOS usually asks for permission when installing the application from third-party apps.
  • Now if everything is ok, then you can play the game now.

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