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Still, I was in a great shock since I heard about the Supercell’s New game Rush Wars, How do they make a such an excellent game only within 8 months since the worldwide release of Brawl Stars.

After playing the game for the first time, it was really a goosebump moment for me, because it is the first time I am playing such a unique game and that too from my favourite game makers.

Supercell was not only a favourite game maker for me alone, but they are also favourites for more than millions of players all over the world.

The big announcement of Rush Wars came down from the officials on the 26th August sharp 1.30 pm and this has not end with that alone and also they have soft-launched beta version of the game in Australia, Newzealand and Canada for Both Android and iOS.

These people were the luckiest ones to get their hands first on the Rush Wars game. But you don’t need to worry because we have got a way of playing this game all around the world on both Android & iOS devices.

For Android Devices check out here to know.

And for the iOS devices, click out here to know

Features of Rush Wars game

  • This game rush wars is a casual Multiplayer Player Battle game.
  • And the game makers have clearly mentioned that this game is an inspiration from the combination of Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans.
  • Here you don’t need to wait for the troops to get ready and spells to get casted, just go for battle whenever you wants to.
  • And here while attacking the opposition’s base, you can take 6 players along with a Commander and a spell and you can increase the number of troops by upgrading your chopper.
  • You will be landed on the entrance of the Opponents base and you will get 60 seconds to get your troops ready for attack.
  • Once depleted your troops will enter the opponents base and there comes the real task.
  • There are lots of traps, bombs, along with many defensive things and you have to finish them all.
  • So there will three gold mines in the opponents Base, two small ones and one big one.
  • Stars will be given based on the number of gold mines you looted, one star for one mine and three stars will be obtained after looting out the top mine.
  • After completing the attack you will get a chest box through which you get coins, cards and much more.
  • You can use those cards to upgrade out your heroes.

Features of Rush Wars Mod

Get Unlimited Gold And Diamonds

Whatever Games you play, there is going to be primary resources in those games, and when it comes of Supercell’s game the primary resources of the game is going to be gold and gems. In Rush Wars also Gold and Diamond are the primary resources of the game.

Gold is required in the game like for all the things you are going to do in the game when attacking, upgrading troops or upgrading buildings it’s going to be needed all the time.

While Diamonds are like the most premium resources which you use it to reduce the chest unlocking time or it can also be used to increase the gold.

More Health Bonus

Higher the health of your troops then more the higher chances for getting out three stars in the game, yes during the time when you attack the opponents base you’ll be getting more health for your troops than the normal version, so the chances of getting 3 stars in the game is going to be high.

Faster Card Upgrades

In order to get faster level up in the game, then you need to upgrade your cards also faster too, and that’s why we are providing more no of cards when you open boxes than in normal version, which will allow you to get more cards, so that means faster upgrades.

War Bonus

Like other supercell game here is also a war feature available in this game too, and our mod also works here by providing you more war bonus rewards when you are playing the war.

Download Rush Wars Mod APK Latest Version

  • First, download the above given Mod APK file on your device.
  • Then now before installing the game, make sure you have deleted any other game versions on your devices.
  • We are saying this because keeping out this might remove your data.
  • Next Download any good VPN on your device and connect it to the Best Strongest Connection nearer to you, we usually connect to Canada or India for best results.
  • Now install the downloaded file on your device.
  • Next when you get into the game, when it asks for a mail id for login don’t give your original Supercell Mail id, give a new one.
  • Now after getting into the Mod, you can get all the unlimited resources which we have mentioned above.

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Download Rush Wars Mod iOS Latest Version

The process for iOS is a bit tougher than the APK one, but just follow the below-mentioned steps to make this process much easier.

  • First, download the above given Rush Wars Cracked IPA file.
  • Then download the Cydia impactor on your device.
  • Now download iTunes and install it.
  • Open Cydia impactor and it should recognise your iPhone.
  • Drag the.IPA directly in the Cydia Impactor, it will ask you to login with your Apple-ID, do that.
  • It should install now, once it’s done, the App will be on your iPhone.
  • You now have to go to Settings > General > Device Management and press on the E-Mail address which you used to log in.
  • Press “Trust” and you should be able to use the App.

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Will the Mod Work on My Device?

If you are able to play the rush wars smoothly on your device, then our mod will also works for you.

What are the unlimited resources I’ll get with this Mod?

You’ll get the primary resources such as gold and diamonds unlimited.

Do I get unlimited cards also with this Mod?

Yes, you will also get unlimited cards too.


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