Fallout 76’s 2020 roadmap includes seasons, new quests, and the Steel Brotherhood

If you thought Bethesda Game Studios had completed the Fallout 76 update after the massive expansion of the Wastelanders, think again. The developer has revealed a full roadmap of upcoming content for Fallout 76 which is spread across 2020.

When Update 20 is released this summer, players will be greeted by a new system similar to a season pass. The first will be free and designed as a board game. You move from one space to another as you progress by accumulating new S.C.O.R.E. points. There are 100 rows in total, each one brings a reward like weapon skins, Power Armor paint, Perk card packs, consumables, atoms, etc. Lots of S.C.O.R.E. the points are linked to activities you may already be doing, such as completing public raids or killing legendary beasts. When you reach rank 100, you unlock an end-of-season pack that includes Captain Cosmos items, a Jangles the Moon Monkey stein, and a framed version of the game board for your home in the game. Bethesda envisions four different “seasons” per year.

In the fall, Bethesda presents “One Desert for All”, an update that rebalances the fight and its appearance so that it adapts to all players. That means you should be able to see more game content and team up with more people. Players will also meet a new series of Steel Dawn quests and can take on the second season.

In winter, the Brotherhood of Steel returns to a new great story called Fracture Steel. As the heavily armored warriors enter the desert, you will meet new NPCs who will deliver new quests and potentially become your companions. This update also adds new repeatable missions, the ability to build instantiated interiors in your shelter and additional charges.

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