Hay Day Pop – What Supercell’s new release is all about

After joining together with Tencent games, within months of time Supercell has got back on track with their new release Hay Day Pop, and lots of fuss started to roam around since the failure of Rush Wars and yes it happens to everyone, even big shots like Supercell are also no exception from it.

From the title of the game Hay Day Pop everyone might have guessed this game is going to be like the Hay day pop, yes it is a much funnier and adventurous version of Hay Day Pop actually.

Is Hay Day Pop Better than Hay Day

Since this game was given the title of Hay Day Pop everyone will definitely have a question is this game better than Hay Day. Yes, this game has a lot of added things which you won’t get it in the Hay Day, lots of puzzles, earning stars, gold make this game as a special one actually.

What’s All new in Hay Day Pop

Full of Puzzles

For the first time ever supercell is releasing out a game based on a puzzle concept, and its cool and seems to awesome too, though this may be a surprising one for the supercell ones because they were the best in multiplayer games and this one might be a surprising element for all.

  • There are also various boosters available in the puzzle game which will help you to finish the puzzle.
  • Also, you have lives where you’ll get a new life every half an hour.
  •  Next level whenever you collect 15 stars you’ll pass each level and by the finish you’ll get boosters, gold as rewards.
  • And by completing the whole league you’ll get a massive reward like kind of golden statue.
  • This will be continuing in every stage, but as your progress, your puzzles will get harder too.

Hay Day Pop

Grow your Farm

  • Since Hay Day Pop is all about developing up your farm, you have to start unlocking various areas of the farm.
  • In order to go to a new level, you have to start unlocking out things and place them on your farm.
  • Once you start improving your farm, you’ll start levelling up and then pass on to the next level.
  • And in there you can get new varieties of things which you have to buy with gold and keep on going like this.

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Name your Pets

  • Another special feature which Hay Day provides is naming of your pets on your farm.
  • As you progress in the game you’ll get your dog, chicken, pigs.
  • Even I have named my pig as Damu.

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When is Hay Day Pop Releasing?

Speaking about the release date, the game has just come out in the beta version and it will surely take some Time maybe because of the failure of rush wars it will take some more time like maybe 7-8 months or maybe earlier to who knows.

Is there a multiplayer mode available?

So as far we have played, we don’t see any multiplayer mode in the game, maybe in the next upcoming updates, we may expect.

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