How to play Hay Day Pop in any country (Android & iOS)

The Beta version of the Hay Day Pop is finally out in three important countries, and so far the game has received mixed reviews actually, yes you know most people think that this is not what we are expecting from the supercell man. While other peoples, on the other hand, this something really different from other supercell games and it is super addictive too.

Fact is that since the beta has been released officially only in three countries namely Newzealand, Australia, Sweden and there was no big news regarding it. Due to that people who were living in other countries will not be able to play the game officially.

How to play Hay Day Pop in your Country (Android)

If you are a person who is living in countries where Hay Day Pop have not released, you still do have a chance to play the game like others if you follow up the below-given steps.

Process 1

  • In order to play first, you need to become a person of beta launched countries like maybe Newzealand, you may wonder how can I become like that but there is a way.
  • For that, you need to download any best VPN as you know and then next connect the VPN to the Newzealand now it will be your Ip is located in Newzealand.
  • Next, you need to download the game on play store, even though you connected VPN you still can’t download because of your Mail Id which has been registered on your country.
  • So you need to create a unique Newzealand based Mail ID, and it is simple just create a new mail id on Gmail since you are now connected to VPN your mail Id will be registered as a Newzealand Based mail.
  • And then next login into play store with that mail account and download the game on your device.

Process 2

And this is the simplest method of all, in order to simplify your work, we have done all the work for you to make it an easier download.

  • Download the APK file of the game using the link.
  • Once downloaded install it and start playing it.
  • But one problem in this method is that you have to come to insider gamer during every update but in the above, you can download it from the play store itself.

Check out this video this might help you in the process

How to play Hay Day Pop in your Country (iOS)

  • In order to play Hay Day Pop on iOS, it’s completely a different one from the android actually and you have to do things as mentioned below.
  • First, you need to change your apple id like changing it in the play store, so first create a unique Apple id based on soft launch countries.
  • And then next login with the newly created apple id and start using the game like the people in soft launch countries.
  • Once the game has been released in your country then switch back to your old Apple ID if you want.

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This is a temporary method for you to play in your countries until the game releases worldwide, after that you can play like normal.

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