Lego introduces new Super Mario Power-Up packs

Earlier this year, Lego announced a new collaboration with Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario brand. The Adventures with Mario Starter course introduces the man himself, as well as several versions that connect together to create a long journey for Lego Mario, including a Goomba and Bowser Jr. We also know that the Piranha Plant Slide and Bowser’s sets Castle will be sold as additional extensions. Today, Lego and Nintendo have announced new Lego Super Mario power packs, which allow you to dress up the Nintendo mascot in four of its best-known power-up combinations.

The first is Fire Mario, which makes the iconic sound of the fireball when you tilt it. Propeller Mario emits the sound of the propeller when you fly it up, then emits room sounds if you move it back and forth. Cat Mario emits cat sounds and creates coin collection sounds if you climb a wall. Builder Mario makes block noise if you slam it – given our experience with Legos, maybe be a little gentle with slam.

Lego Super Mario power packs will launch as separate purchases alongside the rest of the Lego Super Mario set on August 1.

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