Monster Hunter World: the new Iceborne update is online, the battle of Alatreon arrives in May

A long adventure in a fantasy world sounds like a good distraction right now. If you haven’t already ventured into Monster Hunter World, or its huge Iceborne expansion, now is the time to do it. Conversely, if you’ve already gone through all of the content, you might want to check out the new title update that hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. The PC version is updated on April 8.

The update introduces two variants of monsters: Furious Rajang and Enraged Brachydios. These two battles are intended for high level hunters. Furious Rajang is more powerful than its standard counterpart, can pin hunters and can also launch new attacks in the medium and long term. The beast does not have as many weak points. Brachydios unleashed is covered with dangerous mud and can trap hunters. Defeating these beasts produces materials that you can use to craft new Palico weapons, armor, and equipment.

The update also features layered weapons. Capcom says the layered weapons “change the appearance of the weapons without affecting their stats”. Players will find even more layered weapon designs arriving in April. In addition, players have a chance to receive rare decorations with carved fault stones when helping other hunters with assignments, and regular quests offer spheres of royal armor as a reward. You can also kick out unwanted monsters from an area with something called the Banishing Ball. Sounds useful.

On April 9, PC and console players are invited to participate in the Full Bloom Fest, which features a new Poogie costume and all kinds of new Palico seasonal equipment, pendants, decorations, meals, etc.

In May, the elder dragon Alatreon will be added as an enemy you can take on. You can see it in action in the trailer above.

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