Nintendo Surprise Announces Paper Mario: The Origami King

Surprise! Nintendo revealed that Paper Mario: The Origami King was heading to the Switch on July 17. In this RPG adventure, Mario will join forces with a magical creature named Olivia and fight against the machinations of a new origami-themed villain named King Olly. He looks like a real asshole to us, but he linked Princess Peach’s castle with giant streamers and transformed many of Bowser’s servants by folding them like origami and enlisting them in his own army. In the end, he wants to fold the whole world, but Mario has something to say about it.

As you can see in the trailer, Mario has a new 1000 times arm capacity which allows him to stretch his arms like Mr. Fantastic, so that he can interact with the environment and solve puzzles. Throughout your journey, you will get help from several adorable allies – including Bowser! Battles now have a 3D component and take place in ring-shaped arenas that require “both puzzle-solving skills and a quick mind.” Nintendo also promises that this adventure is full of quirky mini-games and other mysteries.

The Paper Mario franchise has always delivered humorous and light adventures with the classic hero of Nintendo. However, the action in recent entries has not been as well received as the early titles (read our review of Color Splash). We’re a little tired of having to collect items to use in battles, and we’d love to return to some sort of traditional turn-based RPG system, so we’re looking forward to seeing if Nintendo took these reviews to heart when the game released in a few months.

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