Report: Sony sets PS5 compatibility date for PS4 titles

Backwards compatibility is a big topic for future players and next generation systems. Sony has not talked about this subject publicly as much as Microsoft for its Xbox Series X, but Eurogamer has seen developer documents that state that PlayStation 4 game developers subject to certification by Sony on or after July 13 must make these titles “technically” playable on PlayStation 5.

The qualifier of the report “technically” playable on the PS5 means that it is up to each developer to ensure that this is the case, although Sony is working with its partners on the process.

In addition, the submission is different from the one published, as companies must submit their titles to Sony for approval months before their release. That means PS4 games coming out this summer could fall outside of the July 13 starting point – though Eurogamer believes prominent summer titles Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II will play indeed on the PS5.

The report also reveals that PS4 titles must contain the same functionality between systems, and any update or remastering of the title after the July 13 cut should maintain compatibility. Updates or remasters delivered before this date would be “highly recommended” to maintain compatibility.

Sony has already talked about the backward compatibility of the PS5, but it’s unclear how many PS4 titles will be playable when the PS5 launches later this year. In March, system architect Mark Cerny said that almost all of the top 100 PS4 titles based on playtime were playable at the time on the PS5.

Sony is hosting a live broadcast on June 4 on PS5 games, so we may hear more about that at the moment.


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