Rush Wars Attacking Troops – Tips, Wiki, Best Combo, Selection

When it comes to the supercell there is always one thing they gonna keep same in all of their games, you may thought that keep the same thing in all games might make the game boring, but the actual thing is that it is the major reason why these game are so special and being loved up by people all over the world.

Yes, we are saying about the Attacking in every Supercell game that you may found, Maybe it differs in the way it’s being used out in every game, but the thing is always same right.

When you take in the game like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach you are attacking out the opponents base to get the resources they were having, While in the game of Clash Royale and Brawl Stars you are attacking out the opponents for a Win.

And the same concept of Attacking applies out in the game of rush wars too where you are attacking the base of opponents for Gold.

So like in this game the attack troops are being created from the inspiration of Clash Royale and especially Boom beach since lots of characters in the game has the resemblance of Boom beach Characters.

Rush Wars Attack Troops

    • Bazooka.
    • Blaze.
    • Boxer.
    • Gorilla.
    • Helipad.
    • Henchmen.
    • Hotshot.
    • Jetpacks.
    • Laser.
    • Pitcher.
    • Plumber Van.
    • Rocket Trucks.
    • Shields.
    • Sneaky Ninja.
    • Tank.
    • Troopers.
TroopsCard RarityHealthSpaceRange
Jet PacksCommon8014
Plumber VanCommon4002Melee
Rocket TruckEpic60016
Sneaky NinjaRare1802Melee

Rush Wars Best Attack Troops Strategies & Tips

There are lots of attacking strategies being available in the game and you can make your own and the best way to find out a good attacking strategy is by practising like trying out lots of new methods in the game. So that’s why we have thought about giving you some useful tips about Making the Best Attacking Combo.

  • First, make sure you select your attacking troops based on the available storage of your chopper so that you can get the right team.
  • Next after selecting out the best Attacking Squad based on your capacity, the next important thing that you should be aware of is the opponents that you choose.
  • While selecting the opponents that you want to attack make sure he has some good wealth to be looted for and next check if your squad will be able to beat the defence of your opponent.
  • If so next think of how to place your attacking squad for attack because this is going to play a major role in getting you a three-star win.
  • Next, make sure you use the airdrop at the right time at the base.

Rush Wars Best Attack Troops Combo

If you are having an troop capacity of 6 then the best combo would be

  • 1 Buzzako or 1 Jetpack.
  • 2 Tanks
  • 1 healing Spell

If you are having a Troop Capacity of 7 then the Best Combo Would be

  • 3 tanks.
  • 1 Jetpack.
  • 1 Healing Spell

But remember one thing that dont place all the tanks at the same place else the mortar is going to completely destroy out your tanks.

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