Rush Wars Chopper Complete Guide – Important Things to know

So the Rush Wars Craze has still not gone down even after these many days since the beta of the game has been released, but the most important thing is that Supercell has released out this game so silent which means they are going to bring in lots of changes to this before the Worldwide Release.

Even now in this Beta version itself, the game was too good and just imagine how good the game will be if it got released worldwide definitely this is going to be the one of the best ever supercell games ever.

Likewise here we want to discover some of the amazing features out in this game. And one of those features in this game is like Chopper which is going out to be the most important feature in the game because only by using the chopper we can be able to attack with our troops in the game.

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Chopper – How it is used

So there are few things that you should be known about the choppers like they are the one which carries your troops and Commander into the battle and also the capacity of the troops you carry depends on the level of your chopper. Plus also another important thing is that upgrading your chopper also upgrades your defence troops numbers you use and also higher the level of choppers you can go to higher level arenas.

Chopper LevelTroopsAir DropDefensesHQ Level RequiredLocation
35173Woodlands, Megacity
46194Woodlands, Megacity
572105Woodlands, Megacity
682116Woodlands, Megacity
792127Woodlands, Megacity, Arena 54
8102138Woodlands, Megacity, Arena 54

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