Rush Wars Commanders – Tips & Strategies

Are you kind of Persons who loves sudden attacks and also a person who doesn’t want to have an uninvited intruder into your place, then the Supercell’s Newest Game Release Rush Wars is Definitely for you.

And this game Rush Wars is actually a game that has been made from the inspiration of Supercell’s Previous games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

And if you have already played out all those games and played rush Wars then you can feel the intruduance of those game in this latest game Rush Wars.

The most interesting features that you may not able to find out in other supercell games is the special introduction of commander in the game which makes it so special than any other supercell games that have been ever released.

So first what is Commander in the game and how are they so special in this game, let’s see about that fact.

Commanders are actually like a kind of Leaders who leads out the army means your attacking troops.

And in this game, the commanders play out a role of motivating out your troops and make out them perform out their best in the game.

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Rush Wars Commanders List

In our Opinion about the Commanders in the game, they are the ones who make the game upstand among this heavy competition.

Because most of the users who have played out this game has said only one thing in common, and that is this game rush war is just a game being made from picking some best ideas from their old games.

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Yes maybe the fact is true, but the thing is that is what makes this game so special and makes this game so fun and addictive, along with the addition of Commanders in the game makes it the best supercell game according to us. We just say our opinion regarding this because many people may be having different opinions regarding this fact.

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Though the no of commanders being available in the game may be low, but definitely in future Supercell will do some good job in bring out more attractive and powerful commanders in a way that the audience will be loving.

So this is what we now have to say all about the commanders in the game and still we have got lots to say about the commanders definitely in the future.

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