Rush Wars Complete Beginners Guide – Tips & Strategies

When we think about the topic of Beginners Guide for Rush Wars, first we thought about writing of a normal beginners guide like other users and all of sudden we thought why to provide the same guide like others which users have been definitely bored off and that’s the moment we thought of giving you guys a different guide for rush wars which you haven’t seen it like anywhere.

This is going to be an informative guide and along with it is going to be a completely new kind of guide which you haven’t seen it like before anywhere.

So keep on reading out this guide to get more info about this Game and the complete details are given out below for you about this Beginners Guide.

Speaking about the game Rush Wars is the 6th ever supercell’s game release and you guys might have known about their previous games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and how huge hit those games were like really huge hit those games were actually.

And on seeing at their standards at an initial stage like during the beta the game was a bit low to the expectation but surely they have done a lot of hard work to make sure the game is a massive hit after the release.

And if you are a person who has played the beta of this game then you should have known about how this game has changed from the beta version to the release of the game.

Rush Wars – 10 Important Tips & Tricks

Like as we have said before if you need to be a successful person in this game then you should be known about these 10 things in the game for sure.

1.Know About the game

This is a thing that you should follow because whenever you are starting out any kind of game you should be very well known he game from how the game works to the factor of how you should play it.

2.Unlock Cards

So out in this game of Rush Wars, the main feature of this game is lots of cards being available in the game from common to Epic cards and as you progress in the game you should start unlocking out these cards faster if you want to ger faster growth in this game

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3.Open Reward Boxes

There is a feature in this game called Key Feature where it has some major uses in the game like it is a major thing needed to open chests in the game. So use those keys wisely to open out more no of chest boxes.

4.Attack with Right Combo

So while attacking the opponents base in the game, you can’t take out all the troops in the game and there are certain limitations to that too, so you need to select out the right combo in the game for a 3-star win.

But we usually recommend you to have a combo Tank in the game along with some pitcher and some high damaging spell to be the best-attacking combo.

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5.Always attack bases with More resources

So try to attack bases with more no of gold mines and more no of gold, so it will be useful for you to get more gold which means more resources for you, but remember more gold means that it will be tougher.

6.Set your Best Defense

As like the way you attack your enemies, they will also try out to attack your base, so making the defensive base is as important as building your attack base. So give as much importance to your defense base as like the attack base.

And don’t forget to upgrade your defence troops.

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7.Use Gems Wisely

So unlike gold which can be easily obtained in the game, gems can’t be obtained as easy as like gold in the game, so that’s why we recommend you to use the gems wisely otherwise you need to purchase it using your real cash if you want more.

8.Join or Form a Team

So this is a feature that’s been available in every supercell games and also this is a mandatory option to be present in this game. Forming or Joining a team option is available from level 3 and after you level up to 3rd level don’t forget to join or create a team for you and your friends.

9.Participate in Wars

So war mode also been available in the rush wars game and surprisingly this war mode is better than any other supercell that you might have played, so that’s why we recommend you to participate in wars.

10.Follow all the above Steps

The most important thing that you should do in this game is that make sure you follow all those above-given steps and play the game regularly if you want to have some progress in the game.


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