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Whether it is a country or an army or a game the most important that needs to be strongest of all is definitely their defence because no one in this world wants an unwanted intruder into their place.

And that’s why building out the strongest defence is an important task that you should do at first, also this is going to apply in the supercell game Clash Royale, Boom Beach and along with their newest release Rush Wars.

Defence on Rush Wars is going to play out a major in your game of rush wars because lots of important factors are being dependent on this, and  We will explain out why we are saying like this.

Because like the way you are going to attack in the game of Rush Wars, you also going to face attacks from the enemies so you need to set your defence to prevent enemies from looting up your gold.

Next, also like the way you’re gaining out stars in the attack, you’ll also be getting stars based on the attack by opponents so that’s we recommend you to give as much as equal importance to defence too.

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Also, there is another thing you should be known that when you upgrade your chopper not only your attacking troops capacity increase, it also increase out your defence troops capacity too.

And next, your defence will be regularly changed out on certain basis so set up defence accordingly to your gold mines.

So first down we discuss the defence troops in the game and then we’ll give some important tips and best defence combinations in the game.

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Rush Wars Defence Troops

So the defence troops that’s been available in the game are like

  • Bomb
  • Box Ninja.
  • Cannon.
  • Cluster Cake.
  • Dummy.
  • Freeze Mine.
  • Gatling.
  • Mines.
  • Mortar.
  • Plasmagun.
  • Plumber Hole.
  • Rocket Trap.
  • Tesla.
  • Walls.
DefenseRadiusMine CountTargetsCard Type
Cannon62Air & GroundCommon
Box Ninja21GroundCommon
Cluster Cake61GroundRare
Freeze Mine2.21Air & GroundEpic
Gatling72Air & GroundRare
Plasmagun62Air & GroundRare
Plumber Hole-2GroundRare
Rocket Trap41Air & GroundRare
Tesla5.51Air & GroundCommon

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Rush Wars Best Defense Troops Strategies & Tips

So there are actually lots of strategies available for Defence when it comes to Rush Wars but actually the thing is doing all of those Strategies works the best, definitely, the answer would be a big No. Because only the defence with the right Combo of Troops will give you the three stars you want from your defence.

And that’s why we thought of giving you some tips to have the best combos in the defence

  • So when you are planning for making a defence team always remember to have an eye on the number of space available for your troops and place them accordingly.
  • Next is the way you place your defence troops according to the gold mines and remember that gold mines changes place regularly and you have to place your defence accordingly to that.
  • And the most important thing is the number of stars you want with the defence if you want all the three then it is going to be a do or die because for that you need to place all your defence at the entrance itself but doing like that there are chances the enemies can easily demolish your defense.
  • So if you think that giving 1 gold mine for enemies is not a big deal then you can place the defence in the middle so the chances of your win is high.
  • The strongest defence of all is placing the defence combined like having long-range attacking troops at the edge of the map and short-range troops at the middle of your map make opponents difficult to win.

Some best defence troops Combos

Let’s guess if you have troop capacity of 6 then the best defence combo would be

  • 1 Mortar
  • 1 Canon
  • 2 Bazooka or Pitcher.

Make sure that you place bazooka or pitcher after canon and Mortar because they can easily die but make high damage.

If you have 7 or 8 troop Capacity

  • 2 Mortars.
  • 1 Canon.
  • 2 Bazooka or Pitcher

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