Rush Wars Domination Guide – Important Things to Know

One of the most important attractions of Every Supercell game ever is definitely the war strategy that’s been available in every supercell games. One of the Factors why Supercell’s Previous games such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans were a massive hit because only of the war strategy that they have implemented out in those Games and Rush Wars also has the same War Strategy.

So here in this game of rush wars, the war feature was called as the Domination and actually like the name for the war the strategy and the way it is fought is also being completely different.

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Features of Rush Wars Domination

  • So there is a special Navigation Button for going into the Domination in the Rush Wars.
  • And Domination can be started only by a Leader or Co-Leader.
  • Plus the Domination can be started only for a count like 5 or 10 or 15 not like 6, 7 numbers.
  • Also, you should need at least 5 members minimum to start domination.
  • And the person who starts the Domination decides who will be in and out of the War.
  • Next, there will be 2 days for the Domination Process.
  • One day will preparation where you’ll need to set your defence with the given Defense Troops for your Three Bases.
  • Next day will be the attack day, here at the start you’ll be given a chance to draft your troops, using that change the troops that you don’t like here.
  • While attacking there are no limitation that you should attack only once or twice, you can attack any number of times but the troops given to you will be limited, so you should attack only with the given troops.
  • So plan according which troops should be used out which base, save up your best troops for the best defensive bases.

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Tips to Play Domination Well in Rush Wars

So tips mean there is no special advice to be given, let us tell you guys the most common mistake made by most players and you guys make use of it and make sure that you won’t make those mistakes again.

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  • Make sure that you set all your Defense during the preparation day itself.
  • Next, use the Draft chances to get the right cards for you guys.
  • And after the go through the Opponents, Defensive units once and select out them based on the troops you are having.
  • Use your Troops Wisely because if you use your troops in the right way then you can easily score nearly 12 – 15 stars.


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