Rush Wars Headquarters – Important Things to Be Noticed!

In this world there are few things that can’ be changed, one thing is that you can’t change the nature and the nature of certain people and the people those rule us, likewise in the game of Rush Wars the Headquarters is the base.

This is the place where you gonna control out everything in this game, from maintaining troops to unlocking out new troops to every new thing in this game.

So it’s better for you to know more this headquarters so that you can have fast progress in the game, and that’s why we have also thought of writing an article to give you info about the things that you haven’t know about the HQ.

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Why we were saying that headquarters is the important troop in the game because this is the place where you gonna upgrade your troops, and find out new cards and Level up your free box to get more rewards and also it will improve your gold production and storage too.

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And we’ll provide you with a table to show you what changes happen whenever you upgrade your headquarters to a new level.

Headquarter LevelFree BoxGold ProductionGold Storage
1Level 110 Gold/ Hour1000
2Level 212 Gold/Hour2000
3Level 315 Gold/Hour10,000
4Level 420 Gold/Hour40,000
5Level 530 Gold/Hour80.000
6Level 640 Gold/Hour1,20,000
7Level 750 Gold/Hour200,000
8Level 870 Gold/Hour300,000

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