Rush Wars New update v0.284 – New added maps, war improvements and more

Its been nearly 2 months since the game of rush wars has been announced worldwide and the Beta access has been started out on the day of the game announcement itself.

And at first there was like mixed reviews from the audience and most of them were felt like the game is like a mixture of clash of clans and clash royale while some of them liked the way the game has been but actually most of the people were not liking the game for truth.

After a survey,, it was made sure the problems in the game were like the gold amount and the there was no urge to play the game as like in the supercell’s previous games even though there was like war feature as like in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale it is the only feature that is still holding up the Rush Wars according to us.

And that’s the reason why Supercell has bring out lots of changes in Rush Wars First update 0.188 like

  • New attack and defence system which means your attack cards changes after opening 3 chest boxes and defence card change every 24 hours.
  • Next is increasing the gold production and gold during attacking so the chances of getting more amounts of gold is higher which was also a bigger fault in the old mode.
  • And new customization looks for shops which make it more appealing.

Now here is what the latest v0.284 update of Rush Wars is all about.

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Rush Wars v0.284 updated changes

There were like some few changes in the game has been made out in the game

  • First is during the attack when you take on commanders they’ll be deployed in the map whether you like it or not but now in this update, it has been like changed and you can deploy them whenever you want and if you don’t want don’t deploy them.
  • Next is there have been three new maps has been added in the game.
  • And finally some minor changes in war, especially the war base has been named out as like A1, B1, C1 so its like the way the actual wars are like in the game.

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Final words

According to us, these changes are like not enough and they need to provide out more new features to make the game appealing.

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