Rush Wars Official Worldwide Release Date – Finally Revealed

The day since the Rush Wars has been announced Worldwide lots of People were in full-on enjoyment and especially the fans of Supercell games and they were waiting for the day when the game is going to be released worldwide.

So that’s we thought giving you guys the exact release date of Rush Wars so that you guys can calm and prepare for the big day. And we guarantee you guys one thing that at the end of this post you’ll be definitely getting the release date of Rush Wars For Sure.

And the official news about this new game Rush Wars came down on the Month of August end and on the same day the Beta version of the game has been launched worldwide.

If you take into account of the Supercell’s previous game Brawl Stars it has nearly taken 8 – 9 months for the game to get released from the beta period.

But Supercell has clearly indicated that they won’t take this long for this game Rush Wars to get released and said that you can expect the release of the game at the end of 2019 or else at the early part of 2020.

One thing can be absolutely guaranteed that this game Rush war does not going to take as long as like the Brawl Stars for sure.

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Rush Wars Official Worldwide Release Date

  • Due to high no requests from the fans of Rush Wars, we have decided to put on some efforts by ourself and give you guys the exact release date of the Rush Wars.
  • And so we have contacted our close sources out in the Supercell to get the official release date of Rush Wars.
  • Here’s what they have said, “Rush Wars is a game we have lots of expectations since we have put in out lots of efforts to make this game as the best of supercell game ever” and that’s why we have decided to give the game some more time at the beta phase to know the opinion of players and to find out what the game is lacking and so we are trying out find out some new ways to improve it.
  • But they also said definitely you can expect a release of the game during the 1st or 2nd week of December since we have planned to release the game on the same month of Brawl Star release.

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