Rush Wars – Supercell’s Next Dream Game is going to Arrive

Yesterday I was surfing the Internet, and suddenly My friend has called me, whenever he calls me he always give me some good news and I was also expecting some good news from him this time also but I didn’t know he is going to give a shocking Good News. He said wake up man Supercell has announced their Next Game Rush Wars.

I can’t even believe it and so I started surfing the net and the damn god, he has really said the truth, Rush Wars Supercell’s 6th Official Game is going to be released worldwide soon.

And That’s why now I am so excited to share this awesome news with you guys too.

It’s been just 9 months since the release of Supercell’s Previous game Brawl Stars and now they are up with their next game Rush Wars.

This is the first time they are announcing their next game this much sooner from their previous game release.

Important Facts to be Known About Rush Wars

  • Rush Wars is the 6th official game release of Supercell.
  • And Rush Wars is a game that is going to have all the features of Previous Supercell games like Brawls Stars, Clash of Clans.
  • It’s going to have all those features in the game with added some new features to give us the game that we have never seen it before.
  • In this game, you can raid enemies base and get up all the loot from them and become the wealthiest man.
  • Next, also like in Clash royale you don’t need to wait for hours to them get ready, plan for an attack and execute them in instant.
  • Also, many characters are available in the game which is new from the Previous Supercell Games.
  • And the Most Important news is that supercell is going to launch this game officially on 26th August 2019.
  • Plus as an Another surprise, on the same day they are going to release the soft launch of Rush Wars in certain regions. We don’t know exactly which country people are lucky to get their hands first on Rush Wars.
  • So like others, we don’t want to misguide you with the wrong information about the game, this is what we have known about the game so far and we have happily shared it out with you.

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